One Little Day

One Little Day is an ecommerce site that offers a range of high-quality personalised baby gifts for all occasions. The gifts are personalised with embroidery and then packed into a beautiful gift box.

The company is based in Brisbane, Australia although ships products all over the world. The companies location meant that I would work on the project remotely from the opposite side of the world. 

Group 13@2x

The story

The client already had a logo however their brand was not completely defined. I used the logo and worked on the colour scheme and typography.

Pink made sense as a colour due to the target demographic. To emphasise the professionalism and quality of the product, I used white and a light grey on the site and a dark grey for text.

For the font we wanted a clean and simple font that was professional and easily readable. We also wanted a cursive font that would reflect the sort of fonts that could be used during the personalisation of the products.

Group 16
Group 17@2x

In the initial designs I explored the layout and spacing and how we could provide a clean experience that emphasised the products luxary. 

This began on paper and progressed to digital design. The progression can be seen in the GIF below.

The brand was explored in many ways including square vs rounded corners and which fonts and colours would work best. This can be seen in the original designs below. 

Mobile represents almost 80% of users and therefore we knew we had to design mobile first. When purchasing on mobile its important for users to have a seamless experience.

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Group 10@2x
Group 9@2x

The category page and product pages are incredibly important to any ecommerce site. I wanted to emphasise the products and also demonstrate the high quality of the products. 

Artboard – 18@2x

The users account was another area where we wanted to emphasise the high quality service. To achieve this I created a navigation that allowed users to effortless find what they needed.  

Account page@2x